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Elana Gomez Drops a Seriously Sexy Floor Routine for Maxim

Unless you're a big time follower of women's gymnastics (you are, aren't you?) then you may not remember world-class Spanish gymnast Elana Gomez, and her proficiently perfect floor routines about a decade ago in the Olympics and world competitions. She never quite got to the top, but she was noticeably hotter than most of her competitors, and didn't take long after retiring from athletic competition to move into the fast-paced world of modeling. And we're ever so glad she did.

Featured in this month's Maxim Portugal magazine, Elana Gomez drops a serious amount of half-nekkid sextastic that kind of reminds us of the idea we wrote to the IOC about years ago concerning nekkid women's gymnastics and TV ratings for the uneven bars routines. Let's just say, they rejected our genius to their own ratings misfortune. Enjoy.

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