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Dishonored Humbly Offers Up a New Dev Diary that Takes You Back in Time that Never Was (VIDEO)

Settle in for a good heaping helping of Dishonored background and philosophy because this hefty video clip really sets the table for the upcoming first person stealth title. The game's creators explain how 17th-century London was the inspiration for the city of Dunwall, the game's main location, and how employing an industrial designer is the key to creating a world that's original, familiar, functional, dark and compelling all at the same time. That kind of design is an under appreciated field until you consider that somebody somewhere had to imagine things like the Prius, iPhone, jelly beans and space shuttles before workers could start building them. Folks who can conceive and describe and present with enough clarity and vision for industry to act on those dreams have always had a place in video games.

Have a look at this deep dive into the immersion of Dishonored. It'll make all of your assassinations better.

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