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The Dallas Cowboys vs. The New York Giants Lead The NFL's Five Most Heated Rivalries Right Now

The NFL has a long history of rivalries that go back all the way to the league's inception. The teams that come to mind are Packers and Bears, or Cowboys and Redskins, or maybe a rivalry like the Chiefs and Raiders. Sure, those still exist on some level, but times have changed.

What makes a rivalry great? When both teams are good, battling for a playoff spot and when they meet, there always seems to be something on the line. But even if that isn't the case every single year, you can just see two teams who genuinely hate each other when they step onto the field. That's what makes a rivalry stand out these days. So even if one team isn't going to the postseason, they're going to dig down for that extra something to see if they can keep their rivals from going.

So we had a little roundtable here at Egotastic! HQ and came up with five of the most heated rivalries existing in the NFL right now. Guess what? One of them is tonight with the Giants and the Cowboys kicking off the season. Did we miss some, or do you think there are new ones growing? Let us know in the comments.

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