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Dallas Cowboys Make a Statement, Kevin Ogletree Makes a Name For Himself as the NFL Returns

Finally, a real game with real results that have real meaning. The NFL is finally back and man did it feel good. The Cowboys looked sharp, the Giants became the first defending Super Bowl champs to lose the season opening prime time game in the 9 years the league has had it.

Kevin Ogletree of Dallas was owned by less than 5% of teams in ESPN fantasy leagues going into last night, but after his 8 catch, 114 yard, 2 TD night, that number will skyrocket. Can he do that again? He might because even if defenses have to pay attention to him now, they still have to account for Miles Austin and Jason Witten, once he's back to 100%.

Tony Romo looked calm and collected while throwing for 307 yards with 3 TDs. Does that mean this is the Cowboys year? Too early to say (probably not) but this being the NFL, people will overreact on both sides. It's one game, take it easy. Still, Dallas fans should feel pretty good about what they saw. Giants fans shouldn't start bailing on their team either, but they do have reason to be concerned.

Either way, the NFL is back and that's really all that matters right now.

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