Chevy Chase Hates On 'Community' Again! Here Are 5 Other Actors Who Hated Their Work

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Chevy Chase has once again been bad mouthing the show that he currently stars in, Community. Come on, Chevy. Can't we all just get along? I would have though after Dan Harmon's departure you would let sleeping dogs lie!

But, oh no, wait, Chevy has now stated that not only does he regret signing up for the NBC comedy but that he believes television sitcoms are "the lowest form of television." It wasn't all bad though, he did say he likes the cast that he worked with.

Chase's peculiar interview with the Huffington Post's UK edition also sees him discuss his feelings for Louie CK in such an odd fashion that you barely know if he likes or loathes him. Anyway, Chase isn't the only actor to hate his work. Here are 5 other thespians who despised the content they starred in.

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