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Cardboard + Duct Tape = Awesome DIY Snowspeeder (VIDEO)

I don't know about you, but I'd definitely think twice before stepping into something that's just made out of cardboard stuck together with duct tape. I guess I'm not as brave as the kid in the video who did so without hesitation (even if he did, we wouldn't have seen it.)

Basically, what he's got there is an awesome Snowspeeder. Only it can't really fly and is pretty tiny to carry adults on the large and heavy side. But hey, it's still pretty cool and actually makes for an awesome sled.

To the builder (who is only identified as 'Fortyozjuicebox'), we'd like to say kudos on a job well done. But maybe use materials that are more durable, yeah? And waterproof, too. Because we think this is totally awesome.

Skip on over to 1:00 in the video, because that's when the action begins. The 'commentator' on the video dutifully sings the Star Wars theme as the homemade Snowspeeder races (or rather, glides) down the slop to a slow stop.

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