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Asuka Kishi Bikini Pictures to Kickstart Your Tokyo Dreams (BONUS VIDEO)

Oh, who knows where our tour of Japan and the Western Pacific will take us in our Asian celebrity hotness tour (we've set sail and let the four winds, I think there are four, carry us in whatever direction the Fates see fit).

Today, we bumped into celebrity glamour model Asuka Kishi in some ridiculously hot bikini pictures and we simply melted. Not like a girl melts when she meets her teeny bopper idol. I mean, we sweated so profusely from neck to gunny sack we actually began to physically melt, so we had to put away the photos for a while for our own medical safety. But, you, you're a risk taker, so I double dog dare you to peruse these prurient pics of Japanese hottie Asuka Kishi and see if you don't suddenly start shedding mass. Enjoy.

(Oh, yeah, we forgot the bonus video of Asuka Kishi playing with an oversized soccer ball. Let's double down on the double dog dares and see if you can stop watching this puerile video halfway through. We bet you can't. It's simply mesmerizing in its inanity and boob-body awesomeness.)

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