Ai Shinozaki White Bikini Photoshoot Brings the Bodacious Heat from the East

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We always have mixed feelings about our semi-regular postings of the Japanese celebrity glamour models, knowing full well that we are likely to lose a certain number of EgoReaders to death by way of E.F. (Excessive Fapitation). But, what the hell, it's so worthwhile for those of us who survive to see the likes of one of our absolute favorite treats from the Pacific Rim, Ai Shinozaki, in this busty and drool-worthy white bikini photoshoot. The combination of those innocent darling eyes and that naughty wicked body, it's almost too much to handle (and, for some of you, that handling will lead to E.F.)

Oh, and since we're the Santa Claus of the Sextastic and everyday is Christmas here at Egotastic!, be sure to check out a second dose of Ai Shinozaki doing a little simple jogging stretching warmup, so simple it'll make you feint. Enjoy.

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