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A 'Manimal' Movie Is Coming!! Because...I Guess Someone Asked For It?

What's Manimal you ask? You really don't know Manimal? It was a low-rated show that ran for 8 episodes in 1983 about a guy who can transform himself into any animal he sees and uses this ability to help the police solve crimes. While I've never known a mountain lion or owl to find the missing piece of evidence in a serial killer manhunt, apparently this is actually the case.

While no one other than your nerdy Uncle Jack who still lives in your grandmother's basement with his VHS collection remembers the show, that isn't stopping Sony from turning the TV series into a live-action/CGI feature film. People are always complaining that Hollywood doesn't use any original ideas and I usually stand up for the entertainment industry. I understand that it's a business and the path of least resistance to profit usually means taking something that's already been done and doing it again. But gimme a f#cking break.

Manimal? Really? There wasn't any better original scripts lying around? None?? Ugh. Anyway, while Sony wastes their time and money making a movie based on a TV show no one cares about now or cared about in 1983, here are some cult TV shows that actually deserve the feature-film treatment.

And don't forget to check out the not-so awesome Manimal transformation below.

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