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130 Mexican Inmates Tunnel Out of Prison. No One Checked Under the Rita Hayworth Poster?

A border-town prison just South of Texas in Mexico found themselves a little short on prisoners this morning after discovering that 132 of them had tunnelled under the walls from an old carpentry building. It's just like that movie The Great Escape, though instead of it being heroic American and British soldiers escaping from the Nazis, its a bunch of dangerous Mexican criminals fleeing into the United States.

And while both Mexican and American authorities are teaming up to aid in the search of all the escaped prisoners, it'll probably be a little while until they round them all up, which explains why I'm canceling my trip to Rosarito for Spring Break this year. If I wanted to get shivved and left to die in the desert, I would've gone to Burning Man this year.

But at the same time, you've got to love a good prison break. Someone telling the man, 'Hey, up yours, hombre.' Though you usually hope it's someone who was framed, set-up, or wrongfully accused perpetrating it and not, as in this case, probably a decapitating Mexican drug lord. However, while my desire to visit the border wanes in the wake of this news, here are our favorite prison break movies where you root for them to get away with it.

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