Zendaya Joins Bella Thorne on the 'Shake It Up' Pimping Tour Through The Big Apple

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We read pretty much every other email we receive here at Egotastic!, many of late wondering why all the focus on junior starlet Bella Thorne from Disney's Shake It Up TV series but little love for her Oaktown native co-star Zendaya. Well, we've just not seen much of Zendaya really, while Bella Thorne is effin' everywhere these days in her age-inappropriate little dresses.

Well, the paparazzi pack in their ceaseless following of Bella Thorne finally caught sight of teen cutie Zendaya and offered us a colorful view of both teen boppers on the streets of New York. I think it's time to call their parents. (Just kidding, their parents are right behind them pushing them back in front of the cameras).

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