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Warren Sapp Claims to Have Given Bill Belichick an Erection

File this under things you wish you didn't hear about. Warren Sapp told Scott Van Pelt during an ESPN radio interview that then Cleveland Browns head coach Bill Belichick told him back in 1995, 'I wanna draft you so bad that I have an erection right now.' Yeesh.

Browns' executives though, according to Sapp, didn't want to draft him because of things uncovered by their security department. Sapp was expected to be a top five pick, but rumors of him using cocaine and smoking weed caused him to drop down to the 12th pick, where the Tampa Bay Bucs scooped him up.

So will some reporter have the guts to ask Belichick if this true the next time he speaks to the media? Belichick gives probably the worst interviews in the NFL already, and acts as if he's pain just being in front of reporters. Hopefully we'll get confirmation or at least an answer about it from him soon.

h/t ProFootballTalk

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