'V/H/S' International Trailer Begs You to Be Kind and Rewind, Or Else... (VIDEO)

Few things scare me: The morbidly obese, ginger children, checking my bank balance. But V/H/S looks like it's going to make me shit my pants. And not in a good way. I mean, come on, remember how scared you used to get when you had to use the tracking button on your VCR? Horrifying. You can never tell with horror movie trailers - they always look freaky as hell and then you see the movie and want your money back. So here's hoping the end result is as scary as the trailer makes it out to be because I've already bought my box of adult diapers and I'm ready to release those bowels!

V/H/S hits theaters October 5th and is already available to watch on iTunes.

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