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'The Hole' Trailer Brings Back the 80s, Minus the Teased Hair

You remember Joe Dante, don't you? He's the guy who made Gremlins and a slew of other 80s movies that JJ Abrams tried to ripoff unsuccessfully in Super 8. Well now the man himself is trying to rip himself off with a movie about a teenager who finds a mysterious hole (reminds me of my teenage years as well). It's all well in good until things start coming out of the hole. The film definitely has that 80s adventure vibe to it. And it also has eye-candy extraordinaire Haley Bennett filling the frame as well. So you're welcome.

When Dane and Lucas and their mother  move into quiet town Bensonville from New York City, Dane becomes interested in a beautiful girl who lives next door named Julie. While Lucas constantly wants to play outside with Dane, one day, while their mother is at work, Dane and Lucas find a hatch in the basement with several locks along each side. They find the keys and open the locks, and discover the hole contains their worst fears.

The Hole comes to theaters in 3-D on September 28th.

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