The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: J is for the JOCKS Comprising the Most Man-tastic Dudes in Gaming- Kratos, Marcus Fenix et al

The very raison d’etre of gaming is exuberant entertainment; permitting indulgence in pursuits that are otherwise utterly impossible for us mere mortal fleshbags (if we’re being pernickety, with some of our gallery denizens atop the page as the exemplars, you could gleefully eviscerate the neighbors, or don a balaclava in the witching hour to pursue their cat that keeps shitting in your yard for a little stabtastic, but this would be rather imprudent. The authorities tend to frown upon such shenanigans, the killjoy bastards. Do you want the fuzz encroaching on your home, inquiring as to why there’s half an arm and ten earlobes festering in your garbage? We rather think you don’t.

“I say, shouldn’t that torso be… affixed to somebody?”
“Why no, officer, that’s… my spare. I like to keep it about the house, in case mine falls off or something. Always be prepared, as that Boy Scout dude with the appalling mustache used to say.”). Oftentimes, these antics will be uber-violent, and perpetrated by such man-tacular manly men we’re left feeling as piteously emasculated as the dancing bears that cavorted for our delectation in tutus at carnivals.

In an endeavor to research this testosterone-tinged phenomenon further, the accumulated Rogues Gallery above encompasses protagonists from a selection of Egotastic’s favored franchises and impending titles. God of War, Resident Evil, the fervently recommended Sleeping Dogs, and other such wonderment. Engage your perusal muscles!