The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: I is for ITTY-BITTY- The Most Cleave-tastically Tiny Costumes in the Virtual World

If we elect to pander to oft-ballyhooed stereotypical horse-shittery, the video gaming spectrum is a nigh-exclusively male locale. It’s presumably akin to such testosterone-tinged endeavors as who can piss highest up this wall? (which you may know by its alternate moniker, wait for the wind to abate next time, urine-face!) and vehement penis-wrestling bouts. (Do not deny that you have engaged in such. Nary a soul is deceived!) As such, it’s axiomatic that developers would strive to cater to us menfolk with every fiber of their predominantly Japanese, dignified business suit-ed being.

Guys, it is suggested by the benevolent extraterrestrial overlords that monitor our planet from their War of the Worlds ships (and broadcast our aberrant antics to their homeworld, like Sir David Attenborough and his penchant for footage of a wildebeest taking a dump before the lion eats its nutsack right off), revel in the sight of sans-apparel women (If you can conceive of such an absurd notion!). This is most pertinent to the fighting genre, which we shall primarily peruse in the gallery as a salutation to gaming’s skimpiest outfits.