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The Gamer Guy's Alphabet: F is for FORNICATION, Bikini-Ogling and Other Sexy Shenanigans

Another fine facet of adult gaming. The quintessential carnage of warfare, the psychological gamboling of survival horror and suchlike are all inherent in the man-tastic milieu of video games. Conversely, though, there's a keen appetite for- quell your outrage at such a notion!- sans-apparel womenfolk. Sex in the virtual universe has been utilized in a wide spectrum of ways; the more gratuitous and incongruous the concept, the greater the prospect of a pneumatic femme fatale wantonly thrusting an ACTUAL DIGITAL NIPPLE in our befuddled faces.

As such, we've assembled only the furthest reaches of X-rated lunacy for your delectation. Hit the gallery for topless BMX-riding strippers and Solid Snake masturbating in a cupboard. It's futile to resist an offer of that caliber.

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