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The Egotastic! Intern Chronicles: Behind the Green Door (VIDEO)

Not many people realize it, but at Egotastic!, we are not just creator of boners, we are molder of minds, specifically, of the next generation of leaders, or, if not leaders, certainly people who don't follow instructions very well. And, in that vein, we operate what is widely recognized as probably the most incompetent college internship program in the nation, at least, we like to think so.

However, on occasion we do challenge the motley crew of faded knuckleheads who call our office home for their 12-week stint, and now we've decided to force them to document their work, like good teachers do. We asked 'Nico' and 'Roman' to take a visit to Vivid Entertainment last month to check out the casting call for Vivid's remake of the 70's classic adult film, Behind the Green Door, with Marilyn Chambers (star of the original) own daughter helping to select her mom's star-making lead role. Quite a thing it is (and when the final name is announced, we will bring that to you here as well).

Check out Nico and Roman's summer project and when the time comes, do be sure to check out the re-boot of the boot-knocking classic, Behind the Green Door, from Vivid. Enjoy.

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