A Few Thoughts on the Team USA Demolition of Nigeria

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The USA basketball team obliterated Nigeria yesterday with a score of 156-73. The 83-point margin of victory is the largest ever in Olympic history, and the 156 points beat the previous record of 138 set by Brazil. It really isn't surprising that the U.S. should pound Nigeria in basketball.

Carmelo Anthony hit ten 3-pointers and scored 37 in just 14 minutes of action. Overall he was 13-16 from the floor. As a team, the US hit 29 3's, while Nigeria hit 28 field goals total. They broke another Olympic record with 41 assists. The U.S. squad also shot 71.1% from the field. They basically played a perfect game of hoops.

Did they run up the score? Maybe a little. Did they need to be hitting more threes with a couple minutes left? Probably not. Should everyone be up in arms, worried about if it was mean? No. Nigeria is in the field, so they deserve to get treated with the same level of intensity as everyone else. This isn't little league where there are scoring limits or mercy rules.

The USA sent over some of the best talent in the country, and those guys all love to win. Winning is fun, and when everyone on the team is scoring, it's even more fun. The games are going to get tougher from here on out, so there's nothing wrong with showing the fans what they came to see. Nigeria knew they didn't stand a chance, and there's no reason to make them feel worse by taking it easy on them.

Besides, they had one highlight when former George Mason guard Tony Skinn broke off James Harden.

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