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Taylor Swift Bikini Photos Try to Look Hot in Your Grandma's Swimsuit

Okay, we admittedly left out the part where Taylor Swiftwas making out with Conor Kennedy, the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr and Mary Kennedy (who recently passed away) and who Taylor is now kind of cougar hunting and the whole thing seems rather weird, so, yeah, we left that part out, and I wish we could leave out part of Taylor Swift's bikini, like three hundred square inches of that retro-monstrosity designed to keep her G-rating even in a two piece. It's offensive, on an otherwise pretty hot pop star with a not too shabby body, the bits and pieces we've been able to see before at least.

So, thumbs down on hitting on teen boys whose moms killed themselves just a few months ago, thumbs down on grandmotherly bikinis from the 50's, but thumbs (and other appendages) up on anything to do with Taylor Swift and the showing of any skin. It's a start. Enjoy.

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