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SMS Fails of the Week: Outdoor Gangbangs, Greasy HIV, and a Glass of MILF

Slow Sunday? Woke up on the wrong side of the bed? After you check out this week's gallery, I guarantee that you'll be in a better mood and thankful that you didn't have to deal with the stuff that these people had to deal with after their major SMS fails.

If you're a good singer and you know it, does that make you a Starscream? Apparently, it does. If you're up for a hearty meal, then you can only wash it down with one thing: a glass of MILF. Yes, you read that right. A good ol' glass of the hottest (or coldest) MILF you can find. It's either that, or a side of greasy HIV. I didn't know they came with grease, but whatever. I'd stay as far away as possible from this plate of disease.

But when you've had your fill, how's about a good round of outdoor gangbanging? Or, you know, we could just hang. But don't worry if you can't keep your ass open, because that happens sometimes. (Or wait, did you mean you couldn't keep your eyes open? Yeah, that happens too.)

And lastly, if you've got something against your girlfriend, you can always tell her she looks like a baboon. I'm sure she'd appreciate that, low self-esteem and all. Enjoy!

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