Sequel Talk: What's Up with 'The Avengers 2,' 'The Hangover 3,' and 'Hunger Games 2'

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Bring together some of Marvel's most revered superheroes and you've got yourself a smashing hit in the form of The Avengers, which raked in over $1.46 billion worldwide. Even before the final numbers were in, it was pretty obvious that The Avengers 2 would get made. It was only a matter of when--and if we're reading the signs right, it looks like we'll see the much-awaited sequel hit theaters sometime in 2015.

There's been a lot of speculation about where the boys of Hangover will find themselves in the third and final movie in the franchise. Two places that always came up were Tijuana and the usual Las Vegas. But aside from that, there's also the matter of who'll be joining Phil, Alan, and Stu in their final adventure. One of these will be the gorgeous Heather Graham, who made an appearance in the first movie as a stripper-slash-escort named Jade.

Lastly, more casting news for Hunger Games: Catching Fire is just pouring in! The original cast from the first movie will be returning, of course, and they'll be joined by many new faces since there are so many new tributes in lieu of the Quarter Quell. We've got four more names to add to our list of Hunger Games 2 stars, namely: Alan Ritchson, Bruno Gunn, Meta Golding, and E. Roger Mitchell.

Get the full scoop on each of these sequels by checking out the gallery above!

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