RIP Tony Scott, We Countdown His Top Ten Best Directed Films

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We were very sorry to hear of the loss of Tony Scott, the filmmaker behind some of the most kinetic, badass, hyper-violent movies in Hollywood ever. The 68-year old British-born director and producer and younger brother to other Hollywood titan Ridley Scott, took his own life yesterday, jumping from a 185-foot high suspension bridge in Los Angeles. It's a tremendous blow to anyone who loved watching movies edited at breakneck speed with flashy overexposure and a lot of explosions.

From the lesbian kiss between Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon in The Hunger to Denzel Washington shoving a grenade up a guy's ass in Man on Fire, Scott's films are full of memorable moments. And looking back over his resume, it's nearly impossible to pick a single one film to call his best. But we're going to try our damn hardest anyway.

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