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RIP Baby Beluga

Kavna, the beluga whale made famous by children's troubador Raffi in his 1980 song Baby Beluga, has passed away at home at the Vancouver Aquarium on Monday after a short illness. Tweeting upon hearing the news, the famous singer wrote, 'My thoughts have been with Kavna all day.' Kavna's next adventure will undoubtedly be immortalized in Raffi's next composition, Baby Starkist Tuna.

Kavna was 46, surviving long past the 25-30 year typical life-span of beluga whales living in the wild. Scientists hope an autopsy on the great mammal will lead to answers to explain its freak longevity and hopes remain that we can somehow harness that power, using Baby Beluga's vital organs to find a possible key to immortality. 

Her remains will be interred on display at the Vancouver Zoo before being stripped for its meat and oil. In lieu of flowers, aquarium employees are asking for donations of Tilapia fillets to be made in Kavna's name.

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