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Powdered Beer: Because You Need Your Booze, And You Need it Now

Fancy making your own keg but just can't be bothered to learn how to do it from scratch? Don't give up on the idea so easily, because you can just go the 'instant' route by opting to get one of these do-it-yourself beer brewing kits instead.

I mean, we do it with juices. So why not come up with the same concept for beer? That's what Pat's Backcountry Beverages is planning to do very, very soon. They've basically developed a powdered beer concentrate that'll let people mix up their own brews anytime, anywhere. Just pour the mix into their special carbonating bottle, and your 'microbrew' quality beer will be ready in a jiffy.

For the love of booze and everything alcoholic, we scoured the web for more DIY instant beer kits that makes boozing up a whole lot easier. Check the gallery out and who knows? You might end up getting one of these booze kits to take along with you the next time you go camping or something.

P.S.: But remember, don't drink and drive if you want to keep breathing!

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