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Pamela Anderson Takes Her Hard Partying on the Road to St. Tropez

How is it when I visit France I get the long form customs treatment, body cavity, full search, natch, but Pamela Anderson gets to wake up hungover and jet over to St. Tropez without so much as a minor French concern? Don't they know what kind of issues they may have just let into their tea kettle nation?

The blonde former bombshell hosted a ritzy party at some club in St. Tropez last eve and took it upon herself to sample all the top shelf booze in the place, and when the music started pumping, well, Pam just couldn't contain herself. Something about those wild drinking girls and that heavy mascara that just says 'somebody call this woman a cab, she's going down hard tonight'.

After her adventures the other night in L.A. waking up in a man's house after being carried out of the Dancing With the Stars reunion party, you'd think Pam might have learned her lesson. But, maybe the lesson she learned is, free booze is good booze. Enjoy.

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