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OwnFone is the World's Lamest Mobile Phone (VIDEO)

You'd think we're actually moving forward in terms of mobile technology with all the cool and hi-tech phones you see nowadays. But some folks over at the UK have gone against this progress by coming up with the lamest phone (but it's barely a phone, by some definitions) called the OwnFone.

It promises to be a fully customizable unit, since you can choose to dress it up in colors and styles that you find pleasing. You can simply upload any image you want to use as its cover or skin, and it'll come delivered to you with the chosen picture covering the entire phone.

As you can see above, the OwnFone doesn't come with a keypad. That means you can't make calls to whoever it is you want to--because you can't dial their numbers in the first place. If you were wondering how people can use these OwnFones to make a call, here's how it works: you specify speed dials that the manufacturers will program into your phone when your order it.

Depending on what type of phone or plan you get, you can only save 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 contacts per phone. Does that sound crazy to you? Does that sound like the UK's going backwards with this phone concept? Hell yes to both, if you ask me.

The phones are light at just 40 grams and come with rechargeable batteries (because if they didn't, then they'd totally be completely useless). Now here's the kicker: they don't come cheap. Each OwnFone is priced at £55 (around $87) and you'd even have to sign up for a monthly subscription that ranges from £7.50-£15 (around $12-$24).

Even if you want it, you won't be able to get it, because it's only available in the UK. But this is, by far, silly and useless as mobile phones can go.

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