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Olivia Palermo Bikini Pictures Remind Us That We Need to Get A Yacht!

Really, the only thing holding us back from securing our sea-worthy babe magnate is something called our credit rating, which is even lower than our S.A.T. scores, both of which are hovering around the weight of Chaz Bono. Not a good sign for us, or Chaz for that matter.

But soon we shall have that floating vessel of love capable of luring the finest celebrities in the world onto our three hour tours at seas, hot bodies like Olivia Palermo who donned the bikini for a ride on designer Valentino's yacht in the South of France. And we like chicks, so we think that should help us in our recruiting efforts, albeit some girls are put off by a half-dozen dudes in Dr. Zog's t-shirts drooling at the site of their hot flesh.

And we would drool a'plenty at the site of Olivia Palermo, underrated socialite hottie. Enjoy.

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