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Notre Dame's Special Uniforms Will Probably Cause Notre Dame Fans To Lose Their Minds

Notre Dame football is all about tradition, and dammit, they better follow that tradition. Apparently their uniform designer, Adidas, isn't worried about the hallowed tradition because they just released a video showcasing the special TECHFIT unis the Irish will sport when they play Miami on October 6th.

Now before you start blaming Adidas, the University obviously had to approve the look. It's one game, I don't see what the big deal is, but you can bet that there will be backlash. But like it or not, uniforms are actually part of recruiting now. Yes, Oregon and Nike are the ones who got this ball rolling, but now athletes want something newer, something flashier, something to make certain games seem more special.

Adidas is doing this with a bunch of other schools, like Nebraska and Michigan amongst others. I like it. I think it's fun for the athletes to have something different once in a while when it comes to the uniforms.

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