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Nina Agdal Sexy Top Dog in Lovecat Magazine

Granted, we dub a lot of girls on Egotastic! the new 'It' girl, in some far-fetched, shallow, and highly unlikely attempt to get them into bed. Zero for eternity so far if you're keeping score on that futile effort.

But Nina Agdal, we have dubbed a rising star since the moment we first met her. The Danish delight is just one of those lingerie and swimsuit models destined for glory. Thankfully, SI agreed with us, as have so many other publications now featuring the ridiculously sextastic hot bodied Nina, including Lovecat Magazine which features her an absolutely must-see pictorial. And, by must-see, we mean, see it a couple times, we take for granted the first view, because how any man could pass up a leer at the amazing Agdal. Enjoy.

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