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The NFL Needs to Get the Real Referees Back on the Field and Here's The Proof (VIDEO)

The idea of starting the NFL regular season with replacement referees is starting to worry players, teams and fans more and more each day. The thinking that some mid-level college refs can come in and handle NFL games is ludicrous, and the league has to know that.

The scab refs will work week one, and we've already gone over this a couple of times, but the league needs to put this labor strife to bed and get the seasoned refs back on the field, now. And if you needed to be anymore convinced, you don't need to look much further than last night's final preseason game for the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

The poor ref is trying to make a call where there were two penalties on one play, and in the background you can hear another ref trying to correct him as he's butchering the call. Of course, Mr. White Hat either didn't hear the other official or chose to ignore him. So he spots the ball and just before the snap, he has to stop the play and correct his previous call. It's a madhouse out there.

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