Nathalia Ramos Bikini Pictures Cleavetastic Wonderments Might Just Paddle You Senseless

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We have fallen deeply in lust with Nathalia Ramos these past few months as the young House of Anubis TV starlet has taken to public displays of awesome bodiness around Los Angeles. But this may just be her finest hour, and our deepest sinking into lingering catatonic lust.

Nathalia hit the beach in Santa Monica in a fairly innocent, but entirely naughty-though inducing bikini that flashed so many inches of her wonderful bodily assets, we wanted so badly to turn that paddle right back (gently, but firmly) onto her alluring bikini clad behind. Oh, yes, we've been doing some thinking. Sextastic celebs like Nathalia Ramos inspire our noggin's. Enjoy.

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