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Miranda Kerr Hotness Thunder Strikes Hard from Deep Down Under

I'd like to hire Miranda Kerr to walk in my fashion show. I'm calling my show an homage to The Emperor's New Clothes and, of course, I will be the only person in attendance to watch as Miranda struts down the catwalk in something less than no clothes at all. I'll throw flowers and clap loudly and talk about how this new style is certain to sweep the fashion houses of Paris and Milan, all the while waiting for the special after-show party held in the dinette area of my studio apartment with just Miranda and me and a bowl of Mixed Nuts, with 20% cashews by weight, because this is a special occasion.

Oh, the dreams Miranda Kerr does inspire when she works her way along the runway in shows such as her Aussie pimping for countryman David Jones, wherein Miranda wore wisps of white in something I presume is high fashion that I can not possibly understand, but was certainly felt by every ogling man in attendance in their lower fashion areas. Just so ridiculously hot. Enjoy.

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