Miranda Kerr Covered Nekkid Ridiculously Hot for Harper's Bazaar

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Miranda Kerr nekkid in only thigh-high leather boots. Yeah, that could be good.

Much gracias and kudos to the fine folks at Harper's Bazaar magazine for their depiction of the high-and-low passion inducing uber-sextastic Miranda Kerrwithout her clothes on. Miranda Kerr is ever super hot. Miranda Kerr without her clothes on, it's an entirely new level. Like, ice cream is good, but ice cream slowly melted on the warm butt of a girl like Miranda Kerr that she orders you to lick, well, that's better.

We're going to need a couple hours to process our true feelings on these new photos. Our imaginations are already quickly passed the point of uncovering her modesty in the photos, we just need to slow down a pace, maybe grab an ice pack. We advise you to proceed with similar caution. Enjoy.

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