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Miley Cyrus Getting All Grow'd and Mature Sextastic in Marie Claire Magazine

I can't see a time when I will ever take back any of my comments about Miley Cyrus and her performing talents, but I am a man (oh, yes) who admits when he's done did wrong, and I have really misjudged the potential ascent of Miley Cyrus into the ranks of the kind of mature sextastic celebrity department. We thought maybe Miley peeked as a TV teen, but while some of her personal behavior continues to scream kind of Cyrus-odd-and-weird, her body and looks are saying hotness scholar.

We even dig the new blonde hair, and that Pilates stretched body, and the inclinations for wearing few clothes, it's all coming together for Miley these days, why, we're even checking out her fashion-y spreads in the likes of Marie Claire magazine, where the gravel-voiced teen diva looks very much into the veteran-hottie-model thing, and we're most definitely buying it.

So, in short, we were wrong, and now we're eating crow. While ogling Miley. The universe will open up to you if you just give it a chance sometimes. Enjoy.

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