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Mila Kunis Bares Midriff And We Can Barely Contain Ourselves (We're Still Suckers for Mila)

Look, let's address the 800-lb gorilla in the room. Mila Kunis is getting the Ashton Kutcher bone nightly. It's just happening and we need to learn to accept this before we can move on, or decide not to, with our long standing lust for this super Hebrew School Hottie, who was flashing her bare tummy out in Studio City on her way to some kind of pampering treatment or another.

It's not as if we let 7-years of playing girlfriend to McCauley Caulkin get in the way of our fascination with this brunette hottie, although, we always just chalked that up to some kind of long term sympathy effin' that was just a matter of Mila's big heart shining through. But this Kutcher thing, well, personally, I'm going to need some counseling to get through this. And that kind of counseling begins and ends with sextastic shots of Mila Kunis baring skin. But it's going to take more than a tummy to get me over the hurdle of ignoring her current shtupping partner. A lot more than just a tummy. Enjoy.

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