Leilani Dowding, Jasmine Waltz, and Brandi Howe Spend a Day at the Gym With Egotastic! (VIDEO)

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I think I've finally found the motivating factor I need to get my lazy ass to the gym. Bring three hot girls with you and you'll suddenly find yourself sweating to the oldies.

So, we called up a couple good friends; first Eurasian long and lean hottie Leilani Dowding, the former Miss Universe contestant, and Jasmine Waltz, infamous about Hollywood for scandalous behavior because hot girls have been getting into trouble in Hollywood since they built this place. Then, me, putting on my Charlie's Angels yarmulke, knew that I had to find a sweet blonde to round out this fitness trio, so we got hold of Brandi Howe, who you more detail oriented readers will know as the Finalist for Girls Gone Wild's search for the hottest girl in America earlier this year. And, off we went.

Now, here's the great news. I cut my sorry-self out of every single picture. That's the magic I do for you. And left you with a skin-tight workout look at three sextastic, lean, wicked hot gym rats. Enjoy.

For more of the deliciously delightful Brandi Howe, well, you really must see these exclusive topless photos of Brandi Howeat Girls Gone Wild.

For more on the beautifully British Leilani Dowding, and some very sweet pictures, be sure to check out her Leilani Collection apparel page and follow Leilani on Twitter and tell her you love her squats.

For Jasmine Waltz, well, I could give you a bunch of links, but why not get to the heart of the matter and check out the Jasmine Waltz sex tape, still quite ripe and available online.

(Special thanks to photographer Matthew Wardenaar and to Muscle Under Fitness in West Hollywood)

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