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LaserScan is the Security System that Isn't Really a Security System (VIDEO)

Security systems are expensive. Crazy expensive. But for a good reason: it keeps your house and yourself protected. The really good ones cost a couple thousand (and upwards) and come with regular subscriptions that'll really burn a hole in your pocket.

So why not fake it instead?

Fake security systems are probably something you never considered because you didn't think they exist. Well, now I'm telling you that they do--in the form of LaserScan. I mean, you've seen them in movies. Homes or vaults laced with red lasers that the protagonists have to jump and catapult through to get to the jewels or whatever it is they want to steal (or protect.)

Now you can install one in your own home, even though it's as fake as fake can get. LaserScan doesn't come with an alarm, it doesn't come with a motion detector, and it won't even alert you if it detects someone trying to get into your house. Of course, you're the only one who's supposed to know that, but ever since this thing went viral--well, maybe the geekier thieves also know about it now as well.

LaserScan is easy to set up and it's way cheaper than legit security systems, too, since it's priced at only $195 on Amazon. (But if I were you, I'd rather save up and get a real, actual security system.)

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