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Kristen Stewart Nears Meltdown, Celebrities Come to Her Aid

Boo friggin' hoo. Apparently being publicly shamed for cheating on your boyfriend with your much-older and much-married director will send you spiraling into a shame vortex of depression. At least that's what friends of Kristen Stewartare saying, claiming the Twilight actress is even reading up on Ghandi's life to try to center her chi. Apparently Kristen is in such a funk, she hardly has the energy to not move her face into a variety of emotions like she usually doesn't do.

But who's come to K-Stew's defense? Her Panic Room co-star Jodie Foster. For reasons unknown, the Silence of the Lambs actress wrote a whole op-ed piece in the Daily Beast talking about her time with Kristen and trying to make us feel guilty for having any kind of opinion on the world's most public romance. Not that I'm accusing Jodie of being smug. I'm saying she's smug.

Fortunately for Kristen, other celebrities have come to her aid with their own messages of condolence and support. And we got our hands on some of them in the gallery below.

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