Kelly Brook Boobtastic Fantastic in Animal Style; It's Downright Savage

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What can be said about Kelly Brook that hasn't already been said before? We'll just throw some more 'oohs' and 'aah's' and 'Mommy, why do I feel funny between my legs' sentiments into the mix.

If you happen to love curvaceous, perfectly soft women then you're already in the Kelly Brook adoration society; you'll see me at the podium calling order, and, yes, that is gavel, though I am damn glad to see you. In her latest pictorial for our friends at Nuts magazine, Kelly Brook shows why she can take the bikini and swimsuit to an entirely new level, and that level being specifically named Orgasmo-10, with her sweet curves and bodacious body and that come hither look that will have you coming hither until you have nothing left to hither. She's a true national treasure (though for an entirely different nation). Enjoy.

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