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Kelly Brook, Amazing In Red at Film Premiere, Ridiculously Hot In Less for Lingerie Shoot

Kelly Brook curves and looks look great in or out of anything, including last night at the film premiere of Keith Lemon: The Film where Kelly Brook exited her limo in a short low cut red dress that absolutely positively stole the show with a pure large delivery of the sextastic. I'm pretty sure I gasped. It might have been a whimper or some other reflexive response associated with begging, but some sounds of pleading for more definitely came out of my pie-hole. It's simply not in your control when it comes to Kelly Brook.

Then, lo and behold, Kelly Brook drops another ton of sexy in the form of her New Look new pictorial in bra and panties and making us think of at least seventeen positions in which we'd like to see ourselves with Kelly in the mirror. Well, technically, I've thought of eighteen, but I happen to know for a fact that it's illegal in the U.K. Yep, it's that good. Enjoy.

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