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Kate Middleton's Cousin, Katrina Darling, Jubilee Stripper Photos

First let me say, anybody who calls themselves a stripper but wears pasties is no stripper, and potentially even an undercover law enforcement office as I discovered during one forgetful evening that found me screaming the word 'entrapment' more times than I  had ever planned on using the word in a complete lifetime.

Nevertheless. Katrina Darling, the cousin of Kate Middleton, did sort of strip in Jolly Old back in May for the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee (which, for the record, is my favorite Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream flavor) and I'm not sure how I missed these photos back then, but seeing as how I intend to be the baby daddy to no less than eleven to seventeen offspring through natural and unnatural intercourse with the Duchess of Cambridge, I feel like I should get to know her family. And when I get to know family, I always start with the strippers in the bunch (or the middle-aged aunt who I'm told is very lonely). Enjoy

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