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Joanna Krupa Bikini Pictures Are the Creme de la Creme of Creamy Goodness

Holy hot woman rubbing sun tan lotion on her chest, Batman!

Joanna Krupa is simply one of the hottest women in the world; she'd be hot in a Burqua, wearing combat boots, under a wet blanket. But put her on the beach in a bright pink bikini rubbing sun tan lotion ever so perfectly onto her heaving bosom and you have an image that words can not describe. Well, outside of the word 'want'.

The Polish-American model hottie hit the beach in Santa Monica, I suppose to soak up the sun, but judging by the hue of her milky white skin, I'd put her more in the category of poser, poker, and exhibitionist than I would tanner. Which is just fine. As is Joanna. And that lucky dollop of sun tan lotion. We are supremely jealous. Enjoy.

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