Jessica Hart Puts on Legs Show of Sextastic Summery Proportions

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While summer unofficially comes to an end with Labor Day weekend, and officially by calendar in a few weeks, the Summer of Legs on Egotastic! is just getting into full swing, with the hot temps creating the perfect environment for some of our favorite long-stemmed celebrities to flash the product of their Pilates and aerobics and Stairmaster sweating time.

Jessica Hart, one half of the Aussie Hart modeling sister, hit The Big Apple flashing her toned and shapely and all-around tasty looking legs beneath a pair of super short leather something or others. And while we hear at fake-PETA demand that those leather shorts be removed this instant, for the time being, we will happily peruse up and down those long legs, and up again toward Nirvana. Enjoy.

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