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Jessica Alba, Short Skirt, Engage Fantasies

The fantasy tipping point for various women really depends on their starting point. Eventually, given enough time, boredom, idle hands, a man will fantasize about any woman within his viewing or imagining spectrum. Case in point, three hours into my wait at the DMV last month, I had myself mentally in a place where I was undressing the large lady behind counter #12B and gently caressing the large mole on her cheek as I unbuttoned her polyester muumuu type garb.

On the other end of the spectrum, the super sextastic like Jessica Alba, well it doesn't take much to coax the male mind into fantasy land, say, just a short skirt as the hot model and actress strutted down Hollywood Blvd. for another one of her important business meetings. The libido is already steps ahead of you in imagining a dropped purse with a bend to retrieve, a hand gently working it's way up the thigh toward the ultimate Alba prize.

With Jessica Alba in a short skirt, that fantasy tipping point is already halfway toward virtual scoring. Enjoy.

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