Jennette McCurdy Bikini Top Pictures for Your Aloha How Do You Do Moment

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Well, hello, Jennette McCurdy and your overly ample sized funbags.

The iCarly sidekick star has something of a cult following among our readers, and now presumably among most people out there who'd never really understand the cultists in the first place. The short but well-developed young actress (don't freak out, freaker outers and reflexive pearl clutchers, she is 20, she just plays a high school student on TV) hit the beach in Hawaii for a little paddle board time and a little time for her fans to experience more skin from Jennette than you'll see in a thousand episodes of her show.

Some of you are not going to be with us after today after seeing these photos. To those who choose death by fapping, we salute you and we promise to make up a more family-friendly, heroic tale of your departure. Enjoy.

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