Infographic Daily: Social Media, Under Investigation

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Social media sites have become a dime a dozen. Each one might be different in their own right (as outlined in the Social Media Class of 2011 Yearbook), but their basic premise remains the same: they exist to get you to interact with the people in your network. It's like socializing, only in a more introverted kind of way.

Because of social media's popularity, it's also spawned another purpose and it ain't for online dating. Research reveals that police officers now use social media for investigative purposes, ranging from identifying suspects to gathering photographic evidence.

No one's going to be foolish enough to post incriminating stuff!
What do they expect to find on a public Facebook profile? Status updates with intent?
Nobody's going to be boasting about what they got away with on the Internet!

You might be thinking that their efforts are futile, but you might be surprised. Fact of the matter is, it happens. And it has happened, as history has proven.

Note that social media isn't being used for investigations per se, just for investigative purposes. Why? Look for the red hand in the gallery to see the reasons why.

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