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Infographic Daily: How Much Does Breaking Bad's Walter White Have Left?

Walter White's one rich guy. Or at least, he used to be. In the first four seasons of Breaking Bad, we saw Walter bring home the bacon and then some--only to lose tons of it subsequently due to bad calls (like the car wash), medical bills, and blackmail pay-offs, one has to wonder: how much money does Walter have left?

We've seen it happen in real life, so why shouldn't fictional TV characters lose their cash just as people in the real world do? Walter managed to scrape together a little over 3 million, but some people over at did the math and concluded that he had just 300 grand left from that huge chunk of moolah.

It'll be interesting how the show writers will address this by making Walter go through some lifestyle changes (because I'm pretty sure this is something they'd have to keep track of.) Check out the gallery above to take a closer look at Walter's faltering finances!

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