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Infographic Daily: Are You Addicted to Twitter?

It's hard to live in the twenty-first century. People aren't just getting addicted to booze or cigarettes these days, because we can now officially add social network addiction to the list. How crazy is that?

This was proven back in 2010 when college students who had to go off their usual social networks experienced withdrawal symptoms. It's not just the young ones who are getting hooked, because those in their twenties and early thirties are also finding social media pretty hard to resist.

One of these networks is Twitter, where people can talk about anything and everything they want to--as long as it's limited to 140 characters. It's classified as a 'micro-blogging' site, but you can just think of it as posting endless Facebook status updates without all the other fuss (like photos, links, and video.)

Check out the gallery to see just how bad this Twitter addiction is getting!

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