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Grand Theft Auto V Drips Three More Screens into the Abyss of Non-Info

Grand Theft Auto V continued its glacial pace of revelations about the game by sliding three screenshots onto the internet for everybody's perusal. The shots themselves are suppose to be worth a thousand words a pop as fans will undoubtedly extract every bit of of speculative details from these things as they can.

We don't plan on reaching 1000 words here because a shot of a sports car (although it is the Cheetah, one of the fastest in the GTA series), a fighter jet and a bicyclist on the beach doesn't tell us the the things we really want to know about this game: what's the story; what's the main character's motivation; level of customization (vehicles, fighting, weapons and/or clothing) and, most importantly, new gameplay mechanics befitting an Xbox 360/PS3 game in 2013. So that Cheetah spinning out could be indicative of car customization and that fighter jet could represent the main character's military history, but with nothing to compare them to and nobody confirming anything from within Rockstar, we can simply watch and wait.

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